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    If a 7 year old realises gender stereotyping is wrong and you don’t, something is very wrong with you.

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    You can’t tell me this wouldn’t make the most badass-looking ring gear of all time.

    I need all of this. To wear everyday.

    I want the pants in the 6th frame

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  5. パーフェクト・ブルー (Perfect Blue), Satoshi Kon (1998)

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    Regular people sweat. Goths? We simmer.

    Summer goal: Silence the Body Image Demons enough to wear sleeveless tops out of the house. With a parasol, of course.

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    Grimes’ Artwork

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  12. jajajajajajajajajaja bueno siii jajaja

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    The last picture is the face of fear.

    no that last picture is him wondering if he had a kid without knowing it

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    Are we not gonna talk about this? [link]

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    happy 4/20

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